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About Me

So, who am I?

My hot glass art history in a nutshell
I started making jewelry with glass beads in 2004, but I have a long history of being fascinated with glass and glass crafts. In the 1980s I worked with flat glass, making stained glass windows, panels, sun catchers, boxes, whatever I could imagine. I also dabbled in glass blowing, working out of a furnace and a glory hole in a friend's studio, making small vases.


A lifelong love of glass
I took a break when my kids were small because glass shards and the chemicals used in making glass windows are hazardous to baby feet, fingers and lungs. But I never stopped appreciating the beauty of glass and collecting glassware, even as I channeled my love for art in other directions. Taking up bead work again brought me a lot of joy.


Discovering the wonders of lampwork
At the start of 2008 I began to study lampwork and officially became a silicon dioxide afficionado (glass is a mixture of silica and other elements). I felt I had returned to my artistic roots and found myself fascinated with the art and craft of flame work.

A few technical facts:
My beads are made using a Bethlehem Alpha torch
, using American and imported glass cane, stringer and frit. Beads are wound on 3/32" mandrels (unless otherwise stated) and run through a complete annealing cycle in my digitally controlled Paragon Bluebird bead kiln.


My flame work journey continues
I continue to study with well known lampwork artists and work industriously to perfect my technique. I hope you will come along with me on this journey and enjoy the color, design and creativity of the beads and bead jewelry I offer to you.


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